My trip to Germany

We did a lot of different things in Germany. First, we visited Kronberg and its castle. It was so beautiful!

On the second day, we went to Frankfurt and the teachers showed us many sights, for example the opera, the river and Römer. We also went to Main Tower. It is a very high building – a skyscraper – and you could see all of the city. It was awesome to see everything from above. Then we walked all over the city to do some interviews with strangers on the street about their views on life and language learning. We took photos with them! ?

On Thursday, we went bowling in Oberursel. It was fun and the food at the bowling place was really good as well.

On Friday, we went to Marburg for the whole day. We saw the castle and after that there was a task to do: We were asked to walk around the city centre and search for figures that represented characters from Grimm’s fairy tales.

On Saturday, my host sister and I went to the zoo. I saw elephants and other impressive animals.

The next day, we all went ice skating. It was so much fun, and I almost fell.

The food in Germany was good, but I like Spanish food better. I think it’s tastier.

Today is our last day here. We are going to have a farewell barbecue because we are leaving tomorrow at 7.30 am. I want to go back to Spain because I already miss my parents, my sister and my cats. But, at the same time, I want to stay here because I can go sightseeing with my friends and that is great.

Whatever I want… I will have to go back to Spain soon, so it doesn’t matter what I feel like doing. But I have had a lot of fun here, so I hope to come back soon.

Schülerin aus La Coruña, Spanien (06.11.23)


Der Besuch der SpanierInnen aus La Coruña (30.10.-07.11.23) war ein voller Erfolg! Die SchülerInnen hatten viel Spaß auf den Ausflügen und allgemein mit ihren Austauschpartnern. Der Rückbesuch erfolgt vom 01.03.-09.03.24.